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You would never think to do it in the Moscow parks, Russia

Interesting things to do in Moscow parks

Gorky Park

park_gorkogo, парк горькогоpark_gorkogo, парк горького 5

park_gorkogo, парк горького 4park_gorkogo, парк горького 2

Gorky Park is the most visited park in Moscow. Here you will not find attractions but you can lie on comfortable loungers and air cushions in summer time or skating on the huge ice skating in winter time.

You can do more than just walk in Gorky park in Moscow: download free mobile app izi.TRAVEL (app is also available on English) when you will plan your Russia travel and walk with private excursion in the park on your Russian holidays. Or get a diploma of a school of young guide and make tours around this Moscow Park.  Post any advertisement you want in a newspaper of Gorky park (you should write on with topic «Advertisement to first park» and you will see your advertisement in one of the next newspapers). Visit Russia museum modern art «The garage», see a movie in the park cinema in summer, visit a club of speakers or participate in a quest.

Kolomenskiy Park

парк коломенское, park kolomenskoeпарк коломенское, park kolomenskoe 2

парк коломенское, park kolomenskoe 3парк коломенское, park kolomenskoe 5

This Moscow Park was place for Russian tsars to visit, now it is a part of historical-architectural and nature-landscape museum-reserve.

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Kolomenskiy park: rent a bike (close to the park are located bicycles for rent) and take a ride in the park in your Russia travel. Stay just together and make a romantic walk here Have a sunbath in the park.




VDNH Park or exhibition of economic achievements, it is one of the biggest Moscow Parks kept from the Soviet era. You can see a lot of monuments of Soviet time in the park area. Walking around the park, you can visit different Russia exhibition complexes.

You can do more than just walk in Moscow VDNH park:  visit the city farm, here you can pat cows, sheep, goats and other animals (a pavilion №44 «Rabbit-breeding»). Participate in night excursion in the park. Visit Russia entertaining complex «The port in VDNH», here you can swim in a swimming pool, eat in restaurants and cafes and make a sport in sport areas of the complex. Take a free master-class in the school of dance in the house of culture. Play badminton, table tennis or chess (close to building №206). Participate in free cross fit workout on the Reebok court with special trainers. Visit Russia interactive museum complex «Buran» and manage Baikanur cosmodrome in real time. Go to the biggest rope park «Sky Town» in Russia (pavilion №27).

Park «Zcharizchino»

царицыно, zharizhino 3царицыно, zharizhino 2

царицыно, zharizhino 5царицыно, zharizhino 4

100 hectares Zcharizchino palace-park ensemble is located on the hilly area.   Museum-reserve «Zcharizchino» is not just a Russia museum complex it is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow and Russia which you can visit.

You can do more than just walk in Moscow «Zcharizchino» park: visit festive-education program «Palace fun» with games, dances and fun in a big palace. Participate in a quest in museum-Zcharizchino. Visit concerts (for example «Vivaldi-summer-saxophone» in Bazchenov hall of the palace). 

For more information about «Zcharizchino» park read my article: Park «Zcharizchono», Russia
Tour in park, museum-reserve «Zcharizchino», Russia

Vorobyovi gory park

ворьевы горы, vorobiovi gorivorobevy-gory, воробьевы горы 2

ворьевы горы, vorobiovi gori 4ворьевы горы, vorobiovi gori 3

Vorobyovi gori is greenery on the coast of a river. It is a great park with an alley where you can walk, and do rollerblading. It is a beautiful view point before MGU building with the best panoramic Moscow view in the city, which you can see in your Russia travel, a pedestrian promenade, river station, and many sport subjects. 

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Vorobyovi gori: visit the open air Olimpiyskiy swimming pool, you can have a steam bath there and eat in a café. Have a ride on the cable car or a river tram.  Go skiing or snowboarding in one of the three slopes.

Victory Park

парк победы, victory park 2парк победы, victory park

парк победы, victory park 3парк победы, victory park 6

Victory Park is one of the biggest monuments complexes enlightened victory in the II War in Russia and in the world.  

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Victory park:  visit 24-hours sport zone located between guerrillas alley and soldiers alley. Make yoga for free. Do a ride on a recumbent and electric car.

Sokolniki Park

парк сокольники, park sokolnikiпарк сокольники, park sokolniki 2

парк сокольники, park sokolniki 3panda-park-sokolniki, панда парк сокольники

Sokolniki park is the biggest Moscow park, 515,7 hectares area. «Sokolniki» has great infrastructure which lets visitors of this park in winter and summer to have many interesting things to do in this Moscow park.  

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Sokolniki park: stay in a wood small house with «Finnish grill» in the camping area of the park and make a picnic with barbecue. Visit Russia literary club in «bukvodom».  Visit Russia museum of USSR. Test your courage in «Panda-park» on climbing wall, crossing «Ropewalker» and log suspended! Enroll in the unicycle school.

Fili Park  

парк фили, park filiпарк фили, park fili 2

парк фили, park fili 3парк фили, park fili 3jpg

Fili Park is one of the biggest ancient parks of Moscow. Park territory is a reserve forest with rare types of plants, birds and animals. You will have pleasant surprise about good modern infrastructure of the park in your Russia holidays. 

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Fili park: learn English for free in the Russia park. Visit summer cinema. Play in free quest. Go to school of football freestyle or school saberfaytinga. Saberfayting is training and demonstration staged fights in the style of Star wars. Feed the squirrels and ducks.

Izmailovskiy Park

имайловский парк, izmailovskiy parkимайловский парк, izmailovskiy park 3

имайловский парк, izmailovskiy park 4имайловский парк, izmailovskiy park 2

Izmailovskiy Park is one of the most ecological parks in Europe, monument garden-park ark. It is located on 130 hectares natural forest in Moscow. The main advantages of the park are a lot of plants and animals, clean air, available and a variety of entertainments for visitors of any ages.

You can do more than just walk in Moscow Izmailovskiy park: play in such games as «Aysshtok», «Shafflbord», «Zchulbak», «Novus», «Kornhol». You can do it in a unique area in the central part of the park where you will find the most unusual all season’s entertainment! Have art-couching «Intuitive painting». Learn dance tango, foxtrot or Latin for free. Play in checkers in checkers club. Visit free master-class Nordic walking. Have a regular free «Adidas Runclub».run training.

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