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The towns of the gold ring of Russia: Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy

5 things to do in Yaroslavl and Rostov .

The towns of the gold ring of Russia are the ancient Russian towns, which have the unique monuments of the history and culture of Russia.

Russian town Yaroslavl

ярославль, yaroslavl

5 things, you should do for sure in your Russian tour to Yaroslavl:

  1. Visit in your Russian travel to Yaroslavl all monuments of the bears. The main monument is a growling bear. This bear really growls in the begin of every hour. A bear is a special animal for the Russians and for Russia.

monument growling bear, памятник рычащему медведю2. Visit Russia museum «My favorite teddy bear».

3. See the Uspenskiy Cathedral and Spaso-Preobrazchenskiy monastary in your Russian tour.

успенский собор, uspenskiy cathedral4. Walk on Volzchskaya riverfront, reach Myakuschinskiy descent and enjoy the Volga river view with Flotskiy, Red and Volzchskiy bridges on your Russian holiday.

5. Visit worldwide famous historico-architect ensamble. It is a triangle of Ioana Zlatousta church, Vladimirskaya church and Yaroslavskaya candle – bell tower, 37 meters height.

ярославская свеча, yaroslavskaya candle

Russian town Rostov Velikiy

Ростов, Rostov

5 things, you should do for sure in your Russian tour to Rostov Velikiy:

  1. See Rostovskiy Kremlin with his five temples, Uspenskiy Cathedral and complex of residential buildings, surrounded by thick walls.

Rostovskiy kreml, Ростовский кремль2. Have a ride on a motorboat on the Nero lake and enjoy its scenic coasts and the town view on your Russian holidays.

3. Visit Russia museum of the There you will close your eyes and you will try different types of jams. After that you will have to guess from what these jams are made.

4. Visit Spaso-Yakovlevskiy Dmitriev, Borisoglebskiy and Bogoyavlenskiy Avraamiev monastaries in your Russia tour to Rostov.

монастырь ростов, monastery Rostov5. Walk on Rostovskie mall and buy a souvenir from your Russian tour. First mall was built in the end VIII century, and some buildings were built in the middle of IX century.

In this article I have described just a few about what to do in two Russian towns of gold ring, I will continue later.

I would like to tell you that lifestyle in the small towns, like Yarposlavl, Rostov Velikiy and others, has really difference from lifestyle of Moscow or St-Peterburg. If you find time to visit at least one small Russian town in your Russia travel, you can see this difference very easy. The impressions from visiting Russian small towns keep in the heart!

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