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The towns of the gold ring of Russia: Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan

5 things to to in Nizhniy Novgorod and Kazan

The towns of the gold ring of Russia are the ancient Russian towns, which have the unique monuments of the history and culture of Russia.

Russian town Nizhiniy Novgorod

нижний новгород, Nizchniy Novgorod

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Nizhniy Novgorod:

  1. Visit Rozhdestva Bogorodizchi church, Makarevskiy, Blagoveshchenskiy, Voznesenskiy-Pechorskiy monasteries, Alexandro-Nevskiy Cathedral in your Russian travel to Nizhniy Novgorod.

церковь рождества богородицы нижний новгород 22. Have a sightseeing tour on the tour tram and know the history of the city.

3. Visit Russia museum GAZ, see the evolution of the Russian automobil GAZ and know the history.

музей ГАЗ, museum GAZ4. Take a ride on the Nizhniy Novgorod cable car and enjoy the views of the city in your Russian tour.

канатная дорога Нижний Новгород

5. Visit Russia small town Gorodezch near Nizhney Novgorod. The city has a very beautiful old center, a lot of museums: the Russian cake, the samovar, goodness, the local history museums. You can taste very delicious Russian cakes here.

городец, Нижний Новгород

Russian town Kazan

казань, Kazan

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Kazan:

  1. Visit Kazanskiy Kremel, Kul-Shcharif mosque, Bogoyavlenskaya bell tower, temple of all religions, the palace of cultivators in your Russia travel to Kazan.

храм всех религий Казань2. Make a wish, touching the tower Syuumbike. You can make three wishes, touching by the forehead the walls of the tower. Syuubike tower is a building of 58 meters in height and with a deviation of the spire almost 2 meters.

башня сююмбик казань 23. Taste Tatar delicacies on your Russian holidays: Ech-pochmak (triangular pie with potatoes and meat), peremyach or elesch (round pie with stuffed), kistibiy (fried bannock with cereal, potatoes or ragout), belisch (pie with a duck), kazilik (hourse sausage), most gentle sweetness talkisch-kaleve and of course chak-chak (dough with honey).

чак-чак4. Have a ride by a boat on the island-monostary Sviyazh when you will have Russia tour to Kazan. You can see the monastary, old churches there. Sviyazh is fortress from where Kazan was captired. This is really a historical place.

свияжск5. Swim in the blue lakes. Blue lakes have unique emerald-blue color and its are a natural reserve since 1972.

голубое озеро, blue lake2

In this article I have described just a few about what to do in two Russian towns of gold ring, I will continue later.

I would like to tell you that lifestyle in the small towns, like Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan and others, has really difference from lifestyle of Moscow or St-Peterburg. If you find time to visit at least one small Russian town in your Russia travel, you can see this difference very easy. The impressions from visiting Russian small towns keep in the heart!

Tour to the towns of “The gold ring” of Russia

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