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The towns of the gold ring of Russia: Kostroma, Tver

5 things to do in Kostroma and Tver

The towns of the gold ring of Russia are the ancient Russian towns, which have the unique monuments of the history and culture of Russia.

Russian town Kostroma

кострома, kostroma

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Kostroma:

  1. Visit elks farm, hug an elk and make a selfi with him in your Russian travel to Kostroma. Also you  can try elk milk from June to September.

лосеферма, moose farm2. Visit Russia museum of flax and birch bark and the museum of jewelry art. You can take a master class and learn how to work with birch bark, get weaving skills or making dolls in the museum of a flax and birch bark.

музей льна и бересты, museum flax and bark

3.Walk on the riverfront along the power Russian river Volga.

4. See the Voskresenia na Debre church and Ipatevskiy monastery in your holidays to Russia.

церковь воскресенья на дебре, cherch Voskresenia na Debre5. Pass Susanin path above 12-metrs marshy soil to legend pine, go up to the hill to see the monument. Ivan Susanin accomplished a feat, saving the Russian throne young heir, Mihaila Romanova from death at XVII century. When a polish-Lithuanian squad, who planned to kill the tsar, asked Susanin to show the road to tsar house, he specifically led them to other side.

тропа сусанина, Susanin trail

Russian town Tver

тверь, tver

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Tver:

  1. See the Alexandr Nevskiy church and White Troizcha temple in your Russian travel to Tver.

cherch Alexandr Nevskiy, церковь Александра Невского

2. Visit Russia Bernovo farmstead. Bernovo – an ancient Tver village. The Great Russian poet Pushkin liked to have a rest there. You can also visit the Pushkin museum there.

усадьба Берново, farmstead Bernevo3. Visit Russia Tver imperial itinerary palace.

императорский путевой дворец, imperatosk road palace4. Have a ride in a kayak in Seliger lake. Seliger is a chain of the lakes, which stretched over a distance of 100 killometers. These lakes have very clean water, you can see the bottom of the lake 5 metrs length. Seliger has 30 sorts of the fishes.

озеро Селигер, Seliger lake5. Knew the distance from zero kilometer to Moscow in miles.


In this article I have described just a few about what to do in two Russian towns of gold ring, I will continue later.

I would like to tell you that lifestyle in the small towns, like Kostroma, Tver and others, has really difference from lifestyle of Moscow or St-Peterburg. If you find time to visit at least one small Russian town in your Russia travel, you can see this difference very easy. The impressions from visiting Russian small towns keep in the heart!

Tour to the towns of “The gold ring” of Russia

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