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The towns of the gold ring of Russia: Kolomna, Ryazan, Murom

5 things to do in Kolomna, Ryazan, Murom

The towns of the gold ring of Russia are the ancient Russian towns, which have the unique monuments of the history and culture of Russia.

Russian town Kolomna

коломна, Kolomna

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Kolomna:

  1. Visit Russia Kolomenskiy Kremel and Uspenskiy Cathedral.

коломенский кремель, Kolomenskiy Kremel2. Taste Kolomenskie honey wines in beekeeping plant in your Russia travel to Kolomna.

3. Visit Russia museum of paste and try different types of it.

4. Visit Sacred sources: Inexhaustible cup, Nikolaya the Miraculous, Sergia Radonezchskogo. Here you will find the beautiful nature, and also careful arrangment of these places: fonts, a small chapel, veranda, where you can drink hot herb tea with bagels and candies on your Russian holiday.

святой источник коломна, holy spring kolomna5. Go fishing in the fishing place «Osyenka». You can book a place with electricity, benches, brazier and beanch close to the water for the whole a day or for half day on your Russian tour to «Osyenka».

рыбхоз осенка коломна

Russian town Ryazan

Рязань, Ryazan

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Ryazan:

  1. See Ryazan Kremle, Uspenskiy Cathedral and Cathedral bell tower in your Russia travel to Ryazan.

Рязанский кремль, Ryazanskiy Kremel2. Take a ride on a boat on the river Trubezch, Oka till Okskiy bridge and back.

3. Visit Russia factory «ShocoRua», learn everything about chocolate and the methods of its manufacture, taste different sorts of chocolate and unusual drink «Chocolatl», also you can make chocolate figure by your own hands on your holidays in Russia.

4. Visit Russia complex «In some kingdom», stay for a night in a carved tower and visit Russian banya, go to the zoo and feed the animals, taste Russian food in the restaurant «Matrioshka».

в некотором царстве рязань5. Visit horse place «Ryazanskiy tabunok» and make a horse ride in scenic Meshcherskie forests in your Russian tour to Ryazan.

рязанский табунок

Russian town Murom

муром, Murom

5 things, you should do for sure in Russia tour to Murom:

  1. Visit Spaso-Preobrazchenskiy, Blagoveshchenskiy, Voskresenskiy monasteries in your Russia travel to Murom.

благовеженский монастырь, Муром2. Go to Caracharovo area. It was a village-birthplace of Russian hero Ilya Muromezch.

Карачарово муром3. See the city monuments on your Russia tour to Murom: Petr and Fevronia, Ilya Muromezch, Muram loaf, epic stone and others.

4. Visit Russia hotel complex «farmstead» in Dmitrievka villadge. Everything is made in the Russian style in this complex. The «Farmstead» has hayloft, wood-fired Russian banya with well-water, beach with a slide, springboard, bungee. You can rent 1 or 2 rooms huts with stove heating. One of the «Farmstead» sightseeing is a jail. You can stay there also.

усадьба, муром

5. Skiing on piste of «Verbovskiy» area if you have Russian tour in winter time.

In this article I have described just a few about what to do in two Russian towns of gold ring, I will continue later.

I would like to tell you that lifestyle in the small towns, like Kolomna, Ryasan and others, has really difference from lifestyle of Moscow or St-Peterburg. If you find time to visit at least one small Russian town in your Russia travel, you can see this difference very easy. The impressions from visiting Russian small towns keep in the heart!

Tour to the towns of “The gold ring” of Russia

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