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The fights of colored eggs in Russia

Easter Russian holiday and how it is celebrated

пасха, easter

Do you want to participate or have a look, how the main event of the year for Orthodox Christians and the largest Orthodox Russian holiday is celebrated? Then you have to take flights to Moscow or another Russian city to the right date, because exact day of celebration sets in a lunar calendar and changes every year. This holiday in Russia, by the way, is called «Easter» or holiday of Christ`s resurrection.

2016 year – 1 May, 2017 year – 16 April, 2018 year – 8 April, 2019 year – 28 April, 2020 year – 19 April.

The celebration is the celebration, but, as the saying, nothing comes to life without work. At first you must prepare to celebrate the Easter. Russians prepare themselves for the celebration of Christ`s resurrection 1.5 months, following a fast. They stint themselves of food, entertainments and habits. Not everyone can do it. I, honestly, could do it just for 2 weeks. The most difficult thing for me was that I must cancel to eat meat and mayonnaise.

пасха пост, easter

The next preparation takes place on Thursday, preceding the Russian holiday. This day calls «The clean Thursday». All population of Russia makes in their places cleanliness in this day, and after, they clean themselves, i.e. have a bath or go to the banya. Also many Christians visit the church to take a sacrament.

One of the essential attributes of «Easter» holiday in Russia is the easter cake, cottage cheese easter and colored eggs. Not only foreigners, but also some Russians confuse easter cake and cottage cheese easter. But this is not the same. The easter cake is an egg easter bread, and the cottage cheese easter is a cottage cheese dessert. These delicious dishes you can try only during these Russian holidays. My mother ovens very good easter bread and make excellent cottage cheese easters. It is a shame that I am in Mexico in this year, so I can’t try all these delicious things.

кулич и пасха. easter cake

Of course, hardly you will oven easter cakes or make cottage cheese easters in your Russia travel, but you can try to color the eggs.

There are many ways to color the eggs. When I was a little girl, I colored eggs by onion peel. This is the most famous and easy way. Paint preparation was so: half an hour a lot of peel was boiled, then decoction insisted. After that I put raw eggs there and boiled them till they were ready. If I want to color darker, I took more peel, if I want to color lighter, I took less peel. Now there are a lot of special paints for the eggs. For making a painting on the eggs, I took wax candle and painted them. After that I put it in paint, and my masterpiece is appeared on egg. When you will color eggs invite a Russian to help you. It is more fun and you will have somebody to tell you how to do it in traditional Russian way.

пасхальные яйца, easter eggs

In Easter, as the most important Russian holiday of the church year, it is made especially ceremonial service. There is a church tradition since ancient times to do it at night. In Easter, Orthodox Christians come to the church, where the sacred procession begins at midnight. After that cortege goes to the door of the temple and the church service begins.

крестный ход, procession

It is usual to exchange a triple kiss in Easter holiday in Russia. Old and young, children and adults, men and women kiss three times each other. It is accepted that the young people welcome by words: « Christ resuscitate!», and the old people answer: «Indeed resuscitate!».

 The favorite Easter game is the fight of color eggs. It is necessary to bump by blunt or sharp end of your colored hard-boiled egg the egg of the competitor. The winner is the one whose egg won`t crack. Broken eggs are for the winner. I always have played this game in Easter Russian holidays. It is recklessly! Sometimes after these competitions I could have around 50 eggs. What to do with them?…

чокание яйцами, beating qggs

You also can participate in these competitions with your colored eggs. Take your flights to Moscow on Easter Russian holidays, and we will color your eggs and for sure will make a fight with them. Who knows may be you will bring 100 winner eggs.

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