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Russian salad «Herring under a fur coat»

Russian recipe of very strange, but extremely delicious Russian salad

селедка под шубой, herring unger a fur coat

When foreigners visit Russia we often talk  about Russian cuisine. Many of my friends from different countries consider that Russian cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Often, when I tell my foreigner guests about traditional Russian food and show them, which products it includes, they shout astonished: «It’s something very strange, with completely incompatible ingredients, how can Russians eat it?!» But after they decide to try this Russian food, they like it very much and always ask for more.

Today I will tell you, how you can cook the most favorite, among my foreigner friends, Russian salad with strange name «Herring under a fur coat».

Ingredients for Russian salad (on 6 portions):

  1. 350 grams. of herring fillet,
  2. 1 onion,
  3. 3 potatoes,
  4. 3 carrots,
  5. 3 eggs,
  6. 2 beets,
  7. mayonnaise.

Cooking method:

  1. Boil potatoes, carrots and beets in their skins, cool and clean. Boil eggs, cool and clean.
  2. Cut herring fillet in small cubes (1 cm).
  3. Cut the onion in small pieces; grate the carrots and beets on the big side of the grater, and the eggs on the small side.
  4. Put on a plate a layer of potatoes before cut it in small cubes (1 cm thick, 1.5 – 2 cm length). Put a little bit of salt and a thin layer of mayonnaise.
  5. On top of the potatoes put a layer of herring fillet, after that a thin layer of onion and again mayonnaise.
  6. Next layer repeats with potatoes, salt and mayonnaise.
  7. After that put a layer of carrots, salt and mayonnaise. Do the same for the next layer of eggs.
  8. Last layer is the beets (this is our top). We also put salt and mayonnaise.
  9. Leave the salad in the fridge for 2 hours.

селедка под шубой, herring unger a fur coat 2

The salad is ready. Bon Appetite!

If you don’t want to cook this Russian salad by yourself, come to visit Russia. I know a good Russian restaurant where you can try this traditional delicious Russian food.

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