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Russian fast food «Kroshka kartoska» and «Teremok» compete with «McDonald’s»

Whose fast food is better Russian or American?

All the world knows «McDonald`s» and «SUBWAY» but no so a lot of people know Russian fast-food. In my opinion it didn’t deserve to be not seen. Now I will tell you about two very famous Russian fast food chains and when you will try food from these places you will decide whose fast food is better Russian or American.


крошка-картошка, kroshka-kartoshka

«Teremok» («Hut») is a Russian fast food chain. The chain specializes in Russian pancakes. I accounted 36 types of pancakes in the menu of «Teremok». There are hearty pancakes (with red caviar, with salmon, with meat, with cheeses…) and sweet pancakes (with condensed milk, with chocolate, with honey…). Every pancake is a handmade pancake and it is made only after the order. They don’t use frozen food. Service staff uses the ancient vocabulary to talk with the clients.

блин с икрой, blin with caviarblin with cheese, блин с сыромblin with meat, блин с мясомblin_s_semgoy, блин с семгойblin with chocolade, блин с шоколадомblin with cherry, блин с вишней

«Kroshka kartoshka» («Little potato») is a Russian fast food chain. A main product of this chain is a potato baked in a foil. Although the chain is called «Little potato», the potatos here are  huge. You can ask to made these potatos with cheese, butter, smoked food or different salats of your choice. There is 10-15 types of salats in the menu (sausage with mustard, red fish, salat with hum, pickles, cheese, crab salat and others).

крошка-картошка, kroshka-kartoshka 2крошка-картошка, kroshka-kartoshka 3крошка-картошка, kroshka-kartoshka 7

крошка-картошка, kroshka-kartoshka 5

Come to Russia, try these type of fast food and decide if you like more American «McDonald`s» and «SUBWAY» or Russian «Kroshka kartoshka» and pancakes from «Teremok».

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