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Puerto Escondido, México

 My Mexican holidays where I found the small paradise

пуэрто-эскондидо, Мексика, puerto escondodo Mexica

There are such life periods when you understand that you can’t live like this anymore and you must change something. This period also has come to me. I don’t know if it has connection with a middle age crisis, climate of the city, where I had lived or with a constant routine, but the time had come when I decided to go to a journey and tried a new life. Alone. And I still didn’t know in those days where I will go and how much time I will spend there.

I quit my job, packed my most important stuff in one bag and a backpack, partitioned out some things and threw away other things.  I said goodbye to the owner of the flat I rented and moved to my friends place with the thought of where should I go next, and which country I should prefer.

For the reason that I was sick long time in that period, and also I didn’t have a lot of money, I decided to look for a beautiful, safe, not expensive, warm place with sea, where I could have a rest more than 1 month without visa.

A visa issue and cheapness right away limited vastly my circle of search. After looking in internet some countries, where Russians can come without visa and, after checking the contents of my purse, I limited my choice to India, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Asian countries. By reading more information about Russians staying in Asian countries, as things turned out, I could stay just not more than 1 month in Asian countries without visa. Costa Rica, as will soon became evident, it was too expensive for my long trip. I didn’t feel too good about Cuba. Mexico had won over India, probably because I wanted to learn Spanish and had half a mind to visit USA on my way. Of course, it’s easier to go from Mexico than from India. For this I could just find flights to Mexico with a transfer in New York. Anyway, the cheapest Mexican tickets were with a transfer in USA.

мексика карта, mexica map

Finally the choice was made! The country is sunny, but there is a question of the prices in Mexico, quality and security. It seems all Russians go to Cancun. But I wasn’t being wanted to take my Mexican holidays in the touristic place with crowd of countrymen, where price for everything is higher in several times, just because it is Cancun, the famous resort. Also I found for myself, when I traveled to different countries, that by visiting most famous resorts as Cancun, I already felt some commonness. And much more emotions I had from my trips in traditional places of countries, where I can feel local life.

But let’s come back to my search. If we compare Mexico packages we will find many other different traditional towns and resorts, which aren’t worse than Cancun in opportunity to fling you whole-heartedly into Mexican culture.

But what should I do about security for a young girl, who goes to Mexico alone and don’t have a family or friends in this country? As you know, many places in Mexico are very unsafe. I decided to act as usual and to ask local people for advice. Who knows the best if not Mexicans, where tourists can go to Mexico and where they can’t. But for the reason, that I almost didn’t have Mexican acquaintances in that moment, in this question I was helped by my favorite and tested w-site “Couchsurfing”. This w-site is for traveling’s lovers. There you can meet a lot of great people from different countries including Mexico, who likes to travel and ready to help other travelers.

couchsurfing, Пуэрто Эскондидо

So, I began to send messages to Mexican people from different Mexican states with request to put a bug into my ear some safe, not expensive, beautiful, calm and interesting place close to the ocean or sea, where I can go for my Mexican holidays. I don’t know how much tens or hundreds letters I had sent, with how much Mexicans I had been talking during this time, how much useful advices I had taken and how much information about vacation in Mexico I had read in internet. But I found what I was looking for! The state, a lot of Mexicans spoke about, is called Oaxaca, and they especially recommended Puerto Escondido town there, telling, that it is a safe, quiet, calm, cheap place for Mexico holidays, on the coast of Pacific ocean with beautiful beaches, especially attractive for the lovers of surfing.


I followed their advices and came to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It is real sweet! This place has everything I was looking for. And as plus, there are a lot of entertainments like: surfing, diving, snorkeling, sky diving, horseback riding, fishing, wake boarding, travel to different Mexico beaches, visiting lagoons with crocodiles and manglares, parties on yacht, bars and restaurants, tasting the Mexican food, just to name a few. I have never been bored in my Mexico travel.  I’ve tried the life in Puerto Escondido and I like it!

Пуэрто Эскондидо Мексика, Puerto Escondido Mexica

I have left for you a link with information and review about a nice, beautiful home in Mexico, Puerto Escondido, right close to the beach where I live.

дом пуэрто эскондидо мексика, house puerto escondido mexica

Apartaments in Puerto Escondido

Also I have left a link about Puerto Escondido town and entertainments, which you can have there.

Puerto Escondido

Abrazos (hugs), hasta luego (see you soon)!

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