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park_caricyno, парк царицино основная 2

One of my favorite places in Russia is the park «Zcharizchino». This is a mystical place, after visiting it, my heart becomes very warm and cozy.

The first time, when I came to Moscow just for three days, despite of the time limit I stayed in this park almost for one day! Honestly, I found this sight accidentally, because «Zcharizchino» is located a little bit far from the center of Moscow, and it can be enough difficult to get there for tourists who are for first time in Moscow without any help. I didn’t orientate in the Moscow metro very well at that time. Now I can find this place in Russia standing on my head, because I have been there, probably, 100 times!

A couple of words about a history, how this beauty was created. In the XVIII century, tsarina Catherine II buy the land and decide to build «tsarina`s apartments» and to grow magnificent gardens. She hires the famous Russian architect Bazhenov. Almost 10 years this architect makes everything possible, creating the palace in truly Russian style. But the empress temper isn’t easy, and it is difficult to please her. Once Catherine visited her Russian new palace to evaluate the results, saw on this creation and decided that it didn’t meet her expectation. Everything wasn’t in her taste! Ten years were spent by Russian architect to build it and she orders to demolish the palace. Catherine fires Bazhenov and replaces him with another architect Kazakov who has been built a new palace for the next ten years till empress death. Largely Kazakov was seeking to adopt experience of Bazhenov. So to the present day, if you visit Russia, you can see in image «zcharizchino» the ideas of previous architect who didn`t please Catherine.

Every time when I see this mansion, I think: «How can`t she like it? If I had been offered to choose any place in Moscow where I would like to live… Any place!.. I would have preferred that palace». Ok, it is not modest… But I just want to live in Russian royal house and that`s all.

But because I haven’t earned money still even for initial outlay of mortgage to buy kingly mansion, I can just look at my favorite place in Russia from far away.

царицыно_парк_главная, main zcharizchino park 2

Fortunately, I had one year in my life when I often visited this marvelous place in Russian. At this time I used to live not far away from this park and was involved in running and decided to make my run route «Zcharizchino».

Imagine, you have Russian holiday and I take you to my virtual tour where you can see the main surroundings and sights of the park and enjoy the marvelous atmosphere of this place in Russia. So, put on your running shoes and let’s go in the park «Zcharizchino»!

We will start our Russia travel right from the main gates of the park. Here we do the warm up and begin our running distance.

Центральный_вход_в_парк_Царицыно, main entrance to park zcharizchino 2

There are 3 ponds in the park «Zcharizchino»: upper, middle and lower. These ponds represent the cascade of water bodies created by human hands. A hundred years after the formation of the upper pond, several islands were artificially constructed on it. Now you can see them, as gracefully rising under the mirrored surface of the pond treetops. Upper Zcharizchinskiy pond covers an area about 10 hectares. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful pond in this assemblage. In addition to the artificial islands, its coasts decorate a lot of trees, the white stone bridges and magnificent marinas. The upper middle pond area half is five hectares. The biggest pond in assemblage is the lower pond, which is around 60 hectares. Of course, in such a big area there is a place to get a rest, something to see and something to surprise you.

First length of our Russian travel in park «Zcharizchino» will go close to the upper pond. Running, you will enjoy the swans and ducks swimming. You can even stop and feed these wonderful birds.

zcharizchinskiy pond, царицинский пруд

But here the road goes to the forest. There is a lot of greenery in «Zcharizchino», that is the reason why so beautiful gardens were grown for Catherine. To run through the forest is pleasant to contemplate: fresh air, soft yellow-brown ground under the feet in the summer and white snow tablecloth in the winter. View change depends on the time of the year: in the summer is plenty of green paint with sprouting sun rays through the leaves, in the winter is the white cap which every tree is dressed. What a beautiful forest in the autumn with a different color of paint!.. And there is always silent!.. And also birds sing in the summer! All of it you can see when you visit Russia and have a trip in this park. I like this place in any season of the year, it has charm always.

zcharizchino forest, царицинский лес

zcharizchino forest, царицинский лес 2

Now we run up to my favorite wooden bridge. I have an impression that it was made long time ago. Sometimes you can find here children are playing or couples in love, enjoying romance.

zcharizchinskiy bridge, царицмнский мостик 2

Not far from this place somebody constructed a small gym from incidental materials (horizontal bar, logs instead of dumbbells, and several primitive simulators), you can do sport and admire the scenery of the lake. But we run farther and continue our Russia travel …

We go from the forest and again before our eyes upper Zcharizchinskiy pond. I went to run here many times but that water body always could find something to surprise me. It never repeats color, one time it is darker, another – lighter, sometimes it illuminate by the sun, sometimes, opposite, you can see outlines of the approaching rain. Oh, if we don’t need run, we would sit on one of the benches on its coast for a long time, catching silent and peace and dream about something good… But we don’t relax because training is a training… Although this place in Russia always give a positive thoughts and calm, it doesn’t matter what do you do there.

park zcharizchino benches, лавочки Царицино парк

And again we are in forest! Now we will have string exercises for our legs, because we will run hilly terrain up-down, up-down… Trying to keep the rhythm… Don`t give up! We have finished half a road of our Russia travel in the park… Now we will see the most interesting!

We are close to house of tsarina Catherine, remember, which she didn’t like. Basis of estates is a big tsarina palace. It is two huge part of the building, connected by gallery. One part had to be owned Catherine II, and other – her son. After running you can visit museum which is located here.

The Grand Palace (1786-1796), built by Matvey Kazakov for empress Catherine the Great. The State Museum Reserve Park Tsaritsyno. Moscow, Russia.


While running we will see other buildings «Zcharizchino» our own eyes – marvelous small palace, successfully inscribed in the shape of the hill, and Bazhenovskiy bread house, decorated with the emblems of the loaf and salt shakers, we will go over the figure bridge, affects the variety of decorative elements, royal stables and a lot of others.

Фигурный-мост, shaped bridge

I am pretty tired already, like you I think. So we will come back. There are not all sights of «Zcharizchina» of course, which I want to show you, but in our way back we will visit one more my favorite place in this park is a middle pond. There is quite big island. Unknown, for which propose it was used for the empress, but now in its bend there is a beautiful light dynamic fountain… At night the fountain begins sparkle in different colors and dance to the music. It even more shows the beauty of this place. But if you have Russia travel in the park on the daytime and fountain still don’t painted in different colors, don’t worry. You will get a lot of pleasure anyway. I like a lot to stay close to it and feel the sprays or to sit on the bench nearby, listen sound of water and relax music…

fountain zcharichino, фонтан царицино

fountane night zcharizchino, фонтан царицино ночью

Well, we are in the end of our training… yes, is not the same with stuffy gym, and the views are different. If you visit Russia, Moscow, take a running shoes, don’t be lazy, run or walk on this road, you will keep the feelings  from it for a long time!

I am waiting for you on my route park «Zcharizchino»!
Tour in park, museum-reserve «Zcharizchino»

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