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Take a walk on the royal lands

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«Zcharizchino» is one of the most beautiful parks in Moscow. You should visit it on your Russian holidays. This area has cascades of Zcharizchinskih ponds with ducks and swans, with wooden benches at their coasts. There you can sit in calm and enjoy the nature. The middle pond has a big fountain. This fountain dances with the music and changes colors at night. It looks really fascinating in combination with this environment. This place in Russia is almost 10 hectares and has an incredible garden, where you can feel like you are in the wild forest. In the central part of this Moscow park you can see a beautiful Russian palace. It was built in VIII century when Catherina II was the Russian queen. Currently, if you visit this place on your holiday in Russia you will see here: Big and Small palaces, a Bread house, a big bridge through ravine, the Figured bridge, three cavalry corps, an Opera house, a Greenhouse and other buildings.

For more information about this place you can read my article Park “Zcharizchino”

10 things to do in «Zcharizchino» park on your Russian holidays:

  1. The first things I have thought is to walk around because this is a very beautiful place, 10 hectares area, with incredible architecture and nature landscape.
  2. In the warm time of the year we can take Russian food and drink and make a picnic at the coast of the pond or on the grass in the ravine, enjoying by the nice view of the palace, pond or forest, or may be all together.
  3. We can go to the park late, around 9pm and look how the fountain dances and changes the colors.
  4. We can visit Russia museum complex of park and know a little bit of history about this place.
  5. We can make sport day, run around the park or do other kind of sports.
  6. We can sit on one of the benches close to the pond and meditate.
  7. We can take a tour by excursion car around this Russian park.
  8. Make a lot of fantastic photos (you have to take the camera with you for sure).
  9. If you take children in Russia travel they can play in children’s areas, and meanwhile we can enjoy the view of nature around us.
  10. In autumn or winter, when there are almost no people in the park, you can walk and enjoy silence and the fabulous nature.

Some information:

«Zcharizchino» park in Moscow is located far enough from the center of the city. It`s easy to get lost if it is the first time you visit Russia and you don`t know the road. I can meet you at your Moscow hotel or place where you will stay, and we will go to the park together by Moscow metro. On our way back I also can take you to your place.

Try to get dressed comfortable, because «Zcharizchino» park is very big and I am sure you will want to walk around.

Take your camera for sure. You can have a lot of pictures.

I will show you the neighborhood of the park, palace buildings, will tell a little bit of history.


Because I don’t want to limit your time on your Russian holidays, I will tell approximately price for this tour. But we always can shorten or lengthen time to stay in the park, it will depend how you will like this place. Also in addition of options I offered to do there, we can find something else, something interesting for you.

Price for 2 hours Russian tour in «Zcharizchino» park for 1 person is US$ 50 (travel time to the park and back is not included), if you have a company of 2 persons or more, price for each person is US$ 35. Extra hour in the park US$ 20.

If you want to visit Russia museum buildings, price of the ticket to see all exhibitions and expositions was US$ 10 for adult at May 2016 and if you need service of guide-interpreter + this price .

Contact information:

what`s app: +(7) 9671905482
skype: polinas888

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