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Oh, these strange foreigners!

What Russian people think about people of other nationalities 

diffrent nationality people, люди разной национальности

Russian attitude to other nationalities depends on nationality.

England – they are so funny guys! They have the ancient traditions and do have a really strange sense of humor understand just Englishman. They, in general, are not bad, in addition to that they are relatives of the last royal family and the same as Russian, they like to drink tea. They have just one writer is Shakespeare.

French are all lovers; there is not even one who was faithful to his wife. They have a writer – Duma, well, who wrote «Three musketeers».

Russian present Germans very serious, boring and hardworking perfectionist, who reads Schiller and quotes Goethe. Russians still remember with a shudder the last War with Germany, but there were other Germans, weren`t they?

Italians live in the palaces, eat spaghetti, drink Chianti and sing Neapolitan songs. They are very cheerful people. They don’t have writers, but they have a lot of painters, sculptors and singers. The best is Michelangelo and Pavarotti.

The most mysterious people are Japanese. They are east people and it means that quality of their life have to be like Indian or Chinese people have, or although like Russians have. The fact that they have reached the level of European welfare confuses. How can it be possible?

(quotations from the book of Zhelvis V. “These are strange Russians”)

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