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Moscow walking private tour №2

Vorobyovi Gori, Luzhniki, Novodevichiy monastery, Old Arbat street…

Route time: 5 – 5,5 hours

Moscow best attractions of the route №2:

1. We will start our Russian holiday with a walk along the famous Old Arbat Street. It is the oldest Moscow Street. It is the main symbol of the capital of Russia like the Kremlin, Red Square or Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral. Famous Russian writers Pushin, Gogol, Saltikov-Shchedrin, Tolstoy, Chehov lived in this place in Russia. These days Arbat is the favorite street of creative personalities. It attracts people from all over the world who travels in Russia and lives in this country. Talented painters paint, musicians play music, artists make a shows there. Besides you can enjoy Moscow best architecture of ancient buildings.

москва арбат, moscow arbat 5москва арбат, moscow arbat 4

москва арбат, moscow arbatмосква арбат, moscow arbat 3

2. We will continue our Russia travel and turn to the Gogolevskiy Boulevar. It is a one of 10 boulevards of a famous boulevar circle. Pushkin, Chaikovskiy, Herzen walked along its sidewalks, Stalin with his family lived in one of the houses, Gogol burned his manuscripts a few days before a death in this place. We will see Gogol and Sholohov monuments and a lot of ancient manor-houses.

памятник Шолохову гоголевский бульвар москва, Scholochov monument Gogolevskiy boulevard moscowгоголевский бульвар москва, Gogolrvskiy boulevard moscow

гоголевский бульвар москва, Gogolrvskiy boulevard moscow 2

3. After Gogolevskiy Boulevard we will visit Christ the Savior Cathedral, one of most beautiful places in Russia. Christ the Savior Cathedral is the biggest cathedral of Russian church. It has 105 meters of height and can accommodate ten thousand people. Crist the Savior Cathedral is located on the bank of the Moscow-river. There is a bridge connecting the cathedral and opposite side of the river. It is called Patriarshiy Bridge. This bridge is a great place to take the photos in your Russia travel. If you stay on this bridge you can take a photo with cathedral, or Moscow-river and Kremlin in the distance, or Peter I monument, which you can also see from there.

храм христа спасителя москва россия, Christ the Savior Cathedral Moscow Russiaпамятник петру I москва россия, Petr I monument moscow Russia

патриарший моск москва россия, patriarshiy bridge moscow russia 2

4. Next stop of our Russia travel is Novodevichiy monastery. Novodevichiy monastery is the most ancient and one of Moscow best female monasteries. This is a real fortress with towers and thick walls. Close to the monastery there is Novodevichiy park and cemetery, where are buried many famous people. We will go to the monastery from Crist the Savior Cathedral by Moscow metro.

новодевичий монастырь москва россия, novodevichiy monastery moscow russia 2

новодевичий монастырь москва россия, novodevichiy monastery moscow russia 5новодевичье кладбище москва россия, novodevichie cemetery moscow russia 2

5. After enjoying the views of Novodevichiy monastery, we will continue our Russian holiday visiting Olympic sport complex «Luzhniki». «Luzhniki» is the biggest sport-entertaining complex in Russia and Europe. Territory of «Luzhniki» covers an area 180 hectares, where different objects for competitions, concerts and sport located. This sport complex took several Olympic stages in 1980 years.

лужники москва россия, luzhniki moscow russiaлужники москва россия, luzhniki moscow russia 2

6. Next amazing Russia place we will visit is Vorobyovi Gori. Vorobyovi Gori is greenery on the bank of the river, great park with alleys, where you can walk, rollerblading. It is a beautiful viewpoint with the best panoramic view of Moscow, a pedestrian promenade, river station, many sport objects, restaurants and souvenirs sales places.

воробьевы горы москва россия, vorobyovi gori moscow russia 2воробьевы горы москва россия, vorobyovi gori moscow russia

смотровая площадка воробьевы горы москва россия, view point vorobyovi gori moscow russia

7. Last point of our Russia travel is Moscow State University (MGU). It is one of the oldest and biggest universities of Russia, one of Moscow best centers of science and culture.

московский государственный университет МГУ москва Россия, Moscow gaverment university MGU moscow russia 2

Tour price (till 5,5 hours): for 1 person – US 80$; for 2 people – US 60$ (for every person); for 3 and more people – US 50$ (for every person). Every addition hour after 5,5 hours walking – US 10$ for every person.

Contact information:
what`s app: +(7) 9671905482
skype: polinas888

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