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Krasnaya-ploshhad-moscow, красная площадь москва

Moscow is a magical city for walking! Do you want to check it? Choose the route you like to go from the tours suggested below or choose any places in Moscow you want to visit, and I will work out a new route especially for you! You can enjoy the beauties of Moscow slowly, stopping in the places you really like and spending so much time there as you want!

Tour details: if you want I can meet you in your Moscow hotel and take you back after our Russia travel. Price of the tour depends on the length of the route, number of stops and travel time. Put on comfortable clothes and shoes. Don’t forget take a camera. And let`s make a great Russian holiday!

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Examples of Moscow walking tours:  

Tour 1 (Red square – «Museon» park):

1. Red square (Zhukov monument, zero kilometer mark, Historical museum, Kazanskiy Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum, Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral, Minin and Pozharskiy monument, GUM) 2. Manezhnaya Square and Alexandrovskiy Garden  3. Love Bridge (Big Stone Bridge, Kadashevskaya riverfront) 4. Tretyakovskaya gallery 5. Red October area and Peter I monument   6. Christ the Savior Cathedral and Patriarshiy Bridge  7. Old and New Arbat Street (Choy wall)  8. Gorkiy Park and Moscow metro  9. «Museon» Park

Read more information about route 1 here:

Moscow walking private tour №1
How I saw Lenin, walked across the bridge of love and visited Moscow club area

Route 2 (Old Arbat Street – Moscow State University)

1. Old Arbat Street  2. Gogolevskiy boulevard (Gogol and Sholohov monuments) 3. Christ the Savior Cathedral (Patriarshiy Bridge, Peter I monument) 4. Novodevichiy monastery (Novodevichevskoye cemetery and Novodevichevskiy Park, Moscow metro)  5. Sport complex “Luzhniki” 6. Vorobyovi Gori (view point) 7. Moscow State University

Read more information about route 2 here:Moscow walking private tour №2

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