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Moscow walking private tour №1

Red Square, Gorkiy Park, Love Bridge, Lenin Mausoleum, GUM, Christ the Savior Cathedral…

Travel time: 5,5 – 6 hours

Sightseeing of route №1:

1. We will visit Red Square. Red Square is the most famous and main Square of Moscow. Before you will enter to the Red Square you will see the Zhukov monument (Zhukov is a great Russian marshal) and you can toss a coin staying on a zero kilometer mark (it is a starting point of all road distances). On the Red Square you will see: GUM (a main department store of Moscow), Kazanskiy Cathedral and Cathedral of Vasiliya Blazhennogo, Historical museum (without internal tour), Minin and Pozharskiy monument (they are heroes made very important role in a victory over Polish-Lithuanian troops), Lenin mausoleum and Vladimir Ilich Lenin (Lenin is a revolutionary, main soviet political and statesman of the USSR). It will be a first stop of our Russia travel.

Krasnaya-ploshhad-moscow, красная площадь москваГУМ красная площадь, москва, GUM red square moscowисторический музей красная площадь москва, historical museum moscow red square 2

2. After that we will visit Manezhnaya Square and will walk in Alexandrovskiy garden. Alexandrovskiy Garden is a beautiful park in Russia located close to the Red Square. There is a guard of honor and a monument – grotto «Ruins» in this park.

манежная площадь, красная площадь, маосква, manezhchnaya square red square moscowred square moscow, красная площадь москва 2

3.We will go over the Big Stone Bridge, Kadashevskaya riverfront and the «Love Bridge». This bridge has the «trees of love». It is the metal sculptures made especially for the people in love. This people hang locks on these trees for «the luck». Travelers in love can take the lock beforehand and hang it for «the luck» on one of those trees.

мост любви москва, love bridge moscow 2большой камменный мост москва, big stone bridge moscow

4.After that we will walk toward the building of Moscow famous art museum – Tretyakovskaya gallery and it will be the next stop of our Russia travel (without internal tour).

третьяковская галерея москва, tretyakovskaya gallery moscow5.We will visit Moscow art area and club part of the city – «Red October» and we will make a photo with a huge Russia monument of St-Petersburg founder – Peter I.

красный октябрь москва, red october moscowпамятник петру I москва, monument Petr I moscowкрасный октябрь москва, red october moscow 2

6.We will see one of the beautiful Moscow Cathedral in our Russia travel –Christ the Savior Cathedral and we will go over the Patriarshiy Bridge.

храм христа спасителя москва, cathedral christ the savior moscow7.We will continue our Russian holiday walking along the ancient street of painters, artists and musicians – Old Arbat and after that we will walk along the modern street almost with the same name – New Arbat.

старый арбат москва, old arbat moscowновый арбат москва, new arbat moscow

8.We will go by Moscow metro to the Gorkiy Park of cultural and rest and we will visit the best parts of this park on our Russian holiday.

метро москва, metro moscowпарк горького москва, park gorkogo moscow

9.We will visit the biggest open-air museum of sculpture in Russia – «Musion» park.

парк музеон москва, park muzeon moscow

Tour price (5,5 – 6 hour excursion): for 1 person – US 80$; for 2 people – US 60$ (for every person); for 3 and more people – US 50$ (for every person). Every addition hour after 6 hours walking – US 10$ for every person.

Contact information:
what`s app: +(7) 9671905482
skype: polinas888

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