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Mexican tour of Stepanich

Movie about adventure of Russian worker Stepanich in Mexico. This movie will make you laugh!

мексиканский вояж степаныча, mexican tour of Stepanich

Recently I reviewed a movie «Mexican tour of Stepanich» It is a great comedy! Do you remember all series of travel of Russian Kamaz driver from Chelyabensk – Timofeya Stepanovicha Okopova in foreign countries?

The plot of the movie: Vaha Vorkutidze escapes from a prison, makes plastic surgery and immigrates to Mexico wishing enslave Russia with the help of local drug lord Romero Sanchez. The main task of Vaha is to muder Stepanich and Senya. They go to Mexico like tourists with a major foreign intelligence – Elena Pavlovna Shelest draws the attention of Vaha. They have a legend that Stepanich and major Shelest are married and Senya is a friend of the family. Senya and Stepanich receive 1 million dollars each for this operation to infuriate Vaha and to trace him.

Great quotes from the movie:

  1. At the psychiatrist reception

Psychiatrist: The meaning of the life is a life itself, personal development, self-improvement, spiritual growth, finally!

Semenich: But what is the meaning?

  1. In the police office on a mission

Major: You have to do your best to attract the attention of the Mexican public!

Semenich: We didn’t understand.

Major: You have to behave loud, cocky, defiant.

Semenich: How is it?

Sema: It is like usual, kick up a row, carouse, brawl.

  1. Maloj: I think they need additional briefing about revelry and drunkenness. Sema: No, no, we know how to do it the best.
  2. In a hotel

Sema: Stepanich, I am going.

Stepanich: Where?

Sema: Where, where? At the hotel bars. I need to have a rest before the night drunkenness.

  1. At the casino

Stepanich: Sema, maybe it is enough or we never can spend so a lot of money with your luck.

Sema: Stepanich, let’s try one more time, please.

Stepanich: No, Sema. I don’t have a lot of forth to drag so a lot of money on the fifth floor.

  1. At the gangsters bar

Sema: Let`s start.

Stepanich: What?

Sema: What? To row! As they asked.

Stepanich: How do you think I can do it?

Sema: Do you see this big man? Hit him.

Stepanich: Why?

Sema: For nothing, just hit him.

Stepanich: I cannot just hit a person.

Sema: Stepanich, think some reason for you.

  1. – Don`t invite any women!

– I will not. I swear the mother, the mother…. Your mother!

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