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Mexican cuisine «Ceviche»

Mexican food from raw fish

севиче, ceviche

Once, when I had Mexican vacation, I was offered to try Mexican food «Ceviche». By that time I had known already something about Mexican cuisine: tacos, burritos and other Mexican fast food, but I had never heard about «Ceviche». Later I notice that this food is very common in Mexico, and prepares from raw fish. Well, it is not really raw fish; it cooks in lime juice. But still I felt strange to eat something relatively raw. Although, after I`d remembered that we also eat raw herring in Russia, which cooks in salt water, I made up my mind and decided to try «Ceviche». And this one is my favorite Mexican food now.

Ingredients for Mexican food «Сeviche» :

  1.  1 kg. of fish (the best is Sole or Bass);
  2.  lime;
  3.  1 green chili pepper (optional);
  4.  3 tomatoes;
  5.  1 avocado;
  6.  2 mangos (optional);
  7.  1 bunch of coriander;
  8.   salt and pepper.

Cooking method of Mexican food «Ceviche»:

  1. Cut fish in small cubs (1 cm).
  2. Squeeze lime juice in a glass or ceramic tableware and put there the fish. All the fish must be under the lime juice.
  3. If you want spicier «Ceviche», cut chili pepper in very small pieces and add it to the fish.
  4. Cover tableware and leave it in the fridge for 40 mins.
  5. Take the tomatoes; remove the seeds and cut the tomatoes in small cubs; do the same cut for the avocados.
  6. Cut in small pieces the coriander.
  7. When the fish is ready, take it from the fridge and delete the lime juice.
  8. Add the tomatoes, coriander, avocado, salt, black pepper and mix gently.
  9. Optional you can add cubs of mangos.

Bon Appetite! If you can’t find some ingredients for this Mexican food, visit Mexico. You can try real Mexican cuisine here.

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