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There was a time when I had vacations in Mexican town Santa-Cruz in a small hotel. The owners of this hotel are very nice and positive persons, Mexican Rosy and her husband Spanish Juan. Once Rosy decided to visit her friends, locals of traditional Mexican village «Chacahua» and she offered me to go with her.

As I knew later, «Chacahua» is one of the best Mexican attractions, an incredible and beautiful place where a violent Ocean and a peaceful lagoon blend their water.

лагуна Чакауа, laguna Chacahua 7

It was not too easy to get to this Mexico spot. The road took around 3 hours. We went to Puerto Escondido around 2 hours. Puerto Escondido is a town where I live now. And it took around an hour more to get to «Chacahua» from there. We decided to go to our Mexico travel very early, at 6 am. The road was long but I had a good chance to practice my Spanish with Rosy on our way to this Mexico sightseeing.

To get to the lagoon you have to change 3 different types of transport, there are no other options. Our first vehicle was the jeep of Rosy. We use it to get to the place where we had to change from the car to a boat. We left the automobile there and decided to have a breakfast. There was a small café close with the Mexican food. The owners of this café are several women, friends of Rosy. Rosy specializes in tourism and restaurant business, sometimes ago she taught these women how they have to organized their café business. We ordered a decanter of Jamaica (it is a traditional Mexican drink made from the flowers of Jamaica), quesadillas, papaya, two portions of meat of an iguana with rice and another dish, I already don’t remember which one. Price for everything was around 60 pesos (US$ 3,5). Prices in Mexico are very cheap.

мясо с рисомпапайа

While we were sitting in the café and speaking with the owners, another friend of Rosy, a Mexican girl named Monica joined us in our Mexican travel. After a short discussion she also decided to go to «Chacahua». That`s so great that people in Mexico can spontaneously make a decision to go for a holidays. We all together went to the boat.

лагуна Чакауа, laguna Chacahua 5

We took a boat ride around 10 minutes, after that we had to go 20 minutes by car to get our Mexican attraction, lagoon «Сhacahua». Rosy told that a BMW arrived especially for me but this BMW was more like a truck to transport people to work in a field, with wooden benches and a canvas roof. When we went I understood why they use these types of cars for this road in Mexico. The road was bad in this part of the way and it is impossible to use another vehicle in this trip.  The landscape around was really Mexican landscape with huge cactuses. I loved this Mexican view in this tour.

кактусы, cactus

Finally we went to «Chacahua», rented bungalows near the lagoon and decided to take a bottle of beer, lie in a hammock and have a rest after our trip. I want to tell you that it was so calm and quiet around that sometimes I thought there was nobody there except us. Such uninhabited place in Mexico!


The weather was hot; I changed into a swimsuit and decided to swim. But as soon as I went into the water and swam from the coast I heard that Rosy was shouting something to me and was waving her hands, so I went back. At first I didn’t understand why I should come back if water was so warm and calm. When I had gotten back to the coast, Rosy told me that locals saw the crocodiles in this lagoon in December of the previous year. That’s why it is better not to swim too far if you don`t want to be disturbing by these cute animals on your Mexican vacations. I decided not to play with crocodiles and stayed close to the coast with Monica.  By the way, you can swim in the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the village without crocodiles.

лагуна чакауа. laguna Chacahua 3

After the rest we went to have lunch in the home café of the friends of Rosy. The woman of the house cooked fish for us and poured coffee. At this time we could talk with the man of the house, he, by the way, could speak a little bit English. I have to say that almost nobody of the locals speaks English in «Chacahua» and of course they don’t know Russian. You should be ready for it in your Mexico travel to this spot. They try to keep life like long time ago, many things can seem to you in this Mexican trip very ancient: ovens where they cook, means for laundry, toilets, showers in the houses of the locals.


After lunch we came back to our bungalow and had a rest till 5 pm. The lagoon is so quiet and calm Mexican spot it made me very lazy. I wanted just to lie on the hammock, read a book, think about something good and have a rest, nothing else. I thought that “Chacahua” is the best place to for 1-3 days holidays.

In the evening we went to a party. There is just one big restaurant in «Chacahua». It is located on the other side of the lagoon. We took a boat to go there. As Rosy told me this spot was the place where local people meet every evening to talk, to eat and to have a great time.

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 9

This evening, as it turned out, was special because it was a celebration of the 15th anniversary of a local Mexican girl. 15th anniversary is an age of adulthood for Mexican girl according to Mexican traditions. The parents try to make a big party in that day. That party was really big! It reminded me a Russian wedding celebration. The parents laid the tables with Mexican food and drinks, the girl, her friends and artists made a concert with fireworks, a leading entertained the audience. I accounted around 150 persons on the party. When the father of the girl told that he bought food and drinks for everyone around I thought that Mexicans who lives in «Chacahua» are not rich people to make such a big party and I asked Rosy about it. She told me that it was true that the whole village, friends, family and everybody who can help with something did it. This party made me to keep a lot of memories about this Mexico travel.

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 13

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 11

After the official part there was a dance. An especially good dancer was a small boy who danced so good that I was surprise. Meanwhile, I was eating Mexican food, drank tequila and thought about my great Mexico vacations.

Then we came back to the home and went to sleep. Our bungalows there were right on the coast of the lagoon so I could hear the sound of water and enjoy the view of the stars with an open window. If you go to this place don’t forget to take with yourself a mosquito cream or a party can be a bad party for you.

Next morning Rosy showed me the beach and we had a ride on a boat across the lagoon. The road on this Mexican beach passed through a scenic area. It is a very beautiful place in Mexico. The Ocean and the lagoon are separated by a dam from the rocks. You can sit in an edge of it when you visit this spot and enjoy the views of the Ocean on one side and the views of the lagoon on the other side.

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 14

The Ocean was not calm in that day but this Mexican beach conversely was very calm. I didn’t meet anyone there!! This is fantastic! After a 15 minutes’ walk I saw only one sportsmen who overtaken us.

 лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 15

After that we came back to take the boat and have a tour to see the lagoon.  This is incredible spot in Mexico! Our guide and companion who knows this lagoon very good, told us about birds and other lagoon dwellers living in this Mexican attraction. There you can see a lot of different birds! Fauna is amazing! When we drove into the thick mangroves trees I was so excited. They were so beautiful it couldn’t be shown on photos. I love this Mexico trip!

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 16

лагуна де чакауа, laguna de chacahua 17

I didn’t see the crocodiles in this tour I don’t know if it is good or not.  Unfortunately my travel to this beautiful spot in Mexico had finished we had to go back. These Mexican holidays left a lot of impressions in my memory.

You can read the information about tour to the lagoon “Сhacahua” here:Tour to Laguna-de-Chacahua, Mexico

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