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How I saw Lenin, walked across the bridge of love and visited Moscow club area

Summer walking or things to do in Moscow, Russia

Once, my brother and his wife decided to make their Russia travel and visit me in Moscow in summer. It was the first time when they spent their holidays in capital of Russia and they wanted to do as more interesting things as it was possible. I had to organize a route which would include maximum Moscow sightseeing. And here you can read what I could do!

You will guess for sure where we decided to start our Russia travel in Moscow. Of course, it was Red square!

Krasnaya-ploshhad-moscow, красная площадь москва

The red square is a main and most popular Moscow sightseeing, almost all tourists go to see this attraction when they visit Russia. Before to enter to the Red square we made a photo with marshal Zchukov monument and threw a coin previously making a wish and standing on the zero kilometer stone in front of the Red square.

First attraction we had seen on the Red square was Historical museum and Kazanskiy cathedral.

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казанский собор красная площадь, москва, Kazanskiy cathedral red square moscow

After that we saw a long queue at the Lenin mausoleum. Many people wanted to visit the founder of the Soviet State whose body is kept in Moscow. I, honestly, didn’t wanted to visit this place and I never had been there for six years of my life in Moscow. But my brother told me that he wanted to see Lenin very much and we stayed in the end of the queue. While we were waiting to come in at the mausoleum, some old woman came up and offered to take the Red square tour. We agreed because it was boring to stay in the queue. The tour was very nice I remembered some facts about the Red Square. For example, I remember that the Red Square was a residential house till 1961 before becoming the sightseeing.

кремль москва, moscow kremlin

Finally the queue was finishing and we could come at the mausoleum. Body of Vladimir Ilich Lenin was embalmed and since 1930 have been keeping in the mausoleum. Everybody who visits Russia can see it.


To take photos and stay close to the Lenin body is not allowed so we looked at the Soviet leader and went out. Next we decided to go to the Vasiliy Blazcheniy Cathedral. It is a beautiful and great architecture building. You can see Minin and Pozcharskiy monument is located close to the Cathedral. This monument immortalized the feat of two national Russia heroes who played a vital role in a victory over the Polish-Lithuanian invaders in 1612.

собор васия блаженного красная площадь москва, cathedral vasiliy blazhcheniy red square moscow

I knew from the Red Square tour that we can buy the best Moscow ice cream in a trade house GUM. GUM is a huge shop located on the Red Square. Honestly, I would go there just to enjoy the architecture of the building because GUM is the very expansive shop. Just foreigners in their Russia travel and rich Russians buy things in GUM. So, we were looking delicious ice cream!

ГУМ красная площадь, москва, GUM red square moscow

ГУМ красная площадь, москва, GUM red square moscow 2

We found ice cream and went to the Alexandrovskiy garden but before we went we took the photos on the Red Square.

red square moscow, красная площадь москва

красная площадь москва, red square moscow

We left the Red Square and went to the Manezchnaya Square located close to the Alexandrovskiy garden.

манежная площадь, красная площадь, маосква, manezhchnaya square red square moscow

 Then we continued our Russia travel and went down to the garden.

александровский сад москва, Aleksandrovskiy garden moscow

почетный караул красная площадь москва, guard of honor red square moscow 2фонтан александровский сад красная площадь москва, fountan red square alexandrovkiy garden moscow

After a little walking in the Alexandrovskiy garden we went toward the Kadashevskaya riverfront and the Luzchkov Bridge or the Love Bridge as people call it. First «love tree» in Moscow was made on this bridge. «Love tree» is a metal sculpture of tree where lovers hang locks on happiness. After half year government added one more tree; further the trees are added regularly.

красная площадь, москва, moscow red square

мост любви москва, love bridge moscow 2

Going a little further we came to the famous Tretyakov gallery. It is a mandatory place to visit in Russia travel for foreigners who are interested in art.

третьяковская галерея москва, tretyakovskaya gallery moscow

We didn’t go inside and walked along the Kadashevskaya riverfront to the «Krasniy Oktyabr» («Red October). The «Krasniy Oktyabr» is an art-club area in Moscow. There was a famous confectionary factory with the same name. Now the biggest center of a modern art is located in the former factory. This area has a lot of clubs, gallery, café, restaurants, exhibition halls, design shops and also a famous huge Petr I monument.

памятник петру I москва, monument Petr I moscow

красный октябрь москва, red october moscow

After the «Krasniy Octyabr» we went over the Patriarshiy Bridge toward one of the most beautiful Cathedral of Moscow and Russia – Christ the Savior Cathedral. Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside the Cathedral in our Russia travel in that day because it was closed.

храм христа спасителя москва, cathedral christ the savior moscow

We took delicious small pies sold close to the Cathedral and went toward famous Arbat Street. There are two Arbat streets in Moscow: Old Arbat and New Arbat. Old Arbat Street is a walk street with the ancient buildings. Old Arbat is full of the painters, artists, dancers and other art personalities in the warm weather. It is a lot of things to do in this Moscow street. New Arbat is a busy street with modern buildings, many cafes, restaurants and shops. We walked along New and Old Arbat, saw the modern art of paint drawing, listened the musicians; my brother took a photo with the Zoy wall (Zoy is one of a famous Russian singer). After that we drank a glass of cocktail in Hard Rock café.

старый арбат москва, old arbat moscow

новый арбат москва, new arbat moscow

Our plan told us that the next point of our Russia travel was a one of the most famous Moscow Park, Gorkiy Park. This park is located enough far from Arbat street for walking so we took a Moscow metro to go there.

парк горького москва, park gorkogo moscow

It was a lot of music bands playing in the park in that day. We stopped close to one ensemble performing modern popular American songs. After that we passed the area where skateboarders practiced and reached a parapet for dancing.

For more information about Moscow parks read my article: You would never think to do it in the Moscow parks, Russia

парк горького москва, park gorkogo moscow 2парк горького москва, park gorkogo moscow 3

Last place of our travel was the «Museon» Park. The art Park «Museon» is the biggest museum of the sculptures under an open air in Russia.  I was tired to walk and went to sleep right in the park while everybody went to see the sculptures.

парк музеон, park muzionпарк музеон москва, park muzeon moscow

Our Russia travel was completed at that day and we went to home happy and tired.

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