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Did you think if you are a good guy or so-so?

Note how flights can change us

самолеты и люди, plane and people

Many people are afraid of taking long flights, because it is terribly tedious and boring. You don’t have opportunity to use the internet on a board, although technology already gets there also. The movies and books begin to get boring, and your neighbor snores all the way.

Have you noticed nowadays people can’t be by themselves, they are scared of it? People grab their phones, laptops, register on different w-site, just because they don’t want to feel lonely and bored. But you will absolutely be alone for some time on the plane.

I like too much the quote of Peter Mamonov: “Once I have entered in my home and thought that now I will switch on the computer, but there wasn’t electricity. And I was in total darkness. Lie down sometimes in darkness, turn off all “peep-things” and ask yourself: who are you, and how do you live? Am I generally a good guy or so-so?”

The plane is a place where you have an opportunity, time and conditions don’t think about nothing and be plugged in meditation about who you are and how you live, to remember all the best moments, to think about worst and set new goals for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to take long flights! Every new flight is a chance to know a lot of new things about yourself.

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