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An adventure «Water, air and earth», Puerto-Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Wow, I want to do this in Mexico!

A town Puerto-Vallarta is located in west part of Jalisco State in Mexico on the coast of Banderas bay. Life energy fills Puerto-Vallarta every day, sun shines here 300 days in a year. Puerto-Vallarta beaches are very popular.  These beaches have gold sand and rocks and secluded areas.

For example, beach «Majahuitas» is one of the famous and beautiful Puerto-Vallarta spot which tourists visit in Mexico. This beach with white sand is located close to a jungle covered in blue water of the bay. People like to travel in this Mexico spot to know undersea world of Pacific Ocean.

yelapa-and-majahuitas beach halisco, пляж Махауитас халиско

snorkling beach Majahuitas Halisco, снорклинг на пляже Махуитас Халиско

diving beach Majahuitas Halisco, дайвинг на пляже Махуитас Халиско

Another very important Mexico spot in Puerto-Vallarta which you can visit in your Mexico holidays is a national marine park «Los Arcos». This is five green islands are located on south of Puerto-Vallarta between «Las Gamelas» beach and Mismaloya area.  Visitors of this park are interested numerous colonies of birds using these place for nesting. You can see here a lot of seabirds and parrots. Divers are allowed to dive close to the islands also want to visit «Los arcos». Local undersea world has a lot of colors and various kinds of living creatures. Here you can meet turtles, morays, ramps and others marine life. If you visit this Mexico spot you will see it.

парк националь Марино Лос Аркос Пуэрта Ваьярта, Park Nacional Marino los Arcos Puerta Vallarla

пуэрта вальярта лос аркос, puerto vallarta las arcos

One of the most idealistic spot in Mexico and in world is a hidden Mexico beach with clear water in the Marieta islands in Puerto-Vallarta. This hidden beach is called «Love beach». It was formed after detonation of a bomb.

скрытый пляж, Пуэрто-Вальярта, hidden beach in Puerto-Vallarta 2

In five kilometers from Puerto-Vallarta you can find «Tirolesa» attraction where you can test yourself on bravery in your Mexico travel. Participating in this attraction you will go through water, earth and air. To take the «Tirolesa» you have to go down on a dirt road toward a coast of Quale river surrounded by jungles where you will have the adventure «Water, air and earth». Will you risk and take this amazing attraction in your Mexico vacations? First you will start on earth but earth will finish on a small platform suspended in the top part of a huge tree. «Tirolesa» (or steel rope) goes from a tree to a tree through the dense forest grown in mountains. You will go down by this rope 650 meters. If you want to have more adrenaline you will be tied upside down. The adventure doesn’t finish here you just went from air to water. When you will go down you will find tires on the coast Quale River. These tires you will use to rafting with your hands and flow to dodge obstacles. Thus, you all day went down first on the air, after on the water and ultimately you came back in your start point.

El Jorullo

El Jorullo 4

El Jorullo 2

canopy river Puerta vallarla, Канопе река Пуэрто Вальярле

This amazing adventure you can test in your Mexico travel to feel adrenaline and to try new impressions!

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