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1st route. 9288 kilometers travel by Trans Siberian train across Russia

Trans-Siberian-Express, Трасссиб

We will go 9288 km by Transsiberian train for 16 days in our Russia tour. The start point of our Russia travel is Moscow. The finish point of our Russia travel is Vladivostok. You just think how this distinction is huge. We will cross the whole country! We will visit the capital of Russia – Moscow city; the ancient Russian city of gold ring – Vladimir; the iron heart of Russia – Yekaterinburg city and Ural mountains; Siberia and its capital – Novosibirsk city; the Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude city; the biggest and incredible lake in the world – Baikal and the amazing wild Russian nature of east part of Baikal; Far East and Vladivostok city on the coast of Japanese sea. 


Moscow – Vladimir – Yekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Ulan-Ude – Republic Buryatia, Baikal – Vladivostok

Moscow (2 days)

Plan for 1st day – We will stay in a Moscow apartment. I plan such accommodation in all points of our Russia tour by Transsiberian train on Trans Siberian railroad. I will find comfortable flat for everyone to feel good, don’t worry. The hotel accommodation is also possible but it will cost a bit more expensive. After accommodating, we will go to have a dinner in one of my favorite Russian restaurant with a great Russian cuisine, after the dinner we will walk on Old Arbat, we will see Russian attractions: Red square (Kremlin), GUM (by the way, we can buy very delicious ice cream there), Aleksandrovskiy garden. Then we will drink cherry bear in a good place close. If we have time after that we will go to see another famous Russian spot – Voribyovi Gori and take photos from a view point. After that we will go towards MGU (Moscow Government University). This is one of the most beautiful Moscow buildings. Then we will go to a pier where we will take the best motor ship of Moscow – «Radisson». We will take a ride and we will see the most interesting Moscow attractions in the evening.

рэдисон, redisonкремль, kreml


Plan for 2nd day – We will go towards the Christ Savior Cathedral (in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful temples in Moscow), visit State Tretyakov Gallery. When we will be hungry, we will go to the Russian restaurant with amazing Russian food. There we can eat and take a shot of vodka that help us to go more fun farther. After lunch we will go to see a Russia sightseeing – «Zcharizchino» park. We will finish our evening having for dinner Russian pies. Tomorrow we will go to Vladimir by Transsiberian train on Trans Siberian railroad.

храм христа спасителятретьяковская галерея

царицынопироги штоль

Tour to Moscow includes:  apartment (2 days), ride by motor ship «Radisson» 1st class), transport in the city (including transport from airport), ticket to Tretyakov Gallery, the walking excursion to see sightseeing. Food is not included.

Vladimir – 1 day without overnight

We begin our Russia travel on Trans Siberian railroad. We will leave Moscow in the morning by Transsiberian train. 3 hours and we are in Vladimir – the ancient Russian city. We will leave backpacks in luggage storage; go to walk on the ancient city, see the monuments of white-stone buildings (Uspenskiy Cathedral, Dmitriev Cathedral, Christmas monastery, Svyato-Uspenskiy convent and others). These Russian attractions are very old and beautiful! After that we will go to the smithy-museum of Borodinih and make a horseshoe or a nail by our hands. Than we should find a place where we can try old Russian alcohol drink medovuha and taste it. In the evening we will take a Thranssiberian train and go to Yekaterinburg city.

дмитриевский соборкузница Бородиных


Tour to Vladimir includes: the Transsiaberian train ticket, transport in the city, the tour to forge-museum and forging the nail or horseshoe, the luggage storage, monastery excursions (excluding price for addition entre excursions). Food and drinks are not included.

Yekaterinburg 2 days (+1 day of the road)

We continue our Russia tour on Trans Siberian railroad. We will take Transsiberian train and go to Ural (24 hours).

Plan for 1st day – We arrive to Yekaterinburg in the evening, go to Yekaterinburg apartment. In the next day we will have a trip to Berezovskiy town. It is a birthplace of the Russian gold. There we will go to an excursion to the real mine, have ride on trolleys and learn how to mine gold in a river. When we will come back to Yekaterinburg if we have time we can walk around the city and see sightseeing.

музей березовский екатеринбургплацкартный вагон

намвание золота екатеринбургекатеринбург

Plan for 2nd day  – If there is a group Ural tour (Ural mountains, Ural forest, off-road) by the Russian off-road cars in time of our Russia tour we will go there for sure! If I cannot find such tour we will take another tour to Ural. But anyway we will see real Ural in our Russia travel on Trans Siberian railroad!

тур урал 3тур урал 4

урал, екатеринбургурал, екатеринбург2

Tour to Yekaterinburg includes: Transsiberian train ticket Vladimir – Yekaterinburg (economy-class train), apartment (3 days), tour to Berezovskiy town, tour to the mine-museum, the master class how to mine gold in the river, the tour to Ural Mountains, transport in Yekaterinburg and to Berezovskiy town.

Novosibirsk 1 day without overnight (+1 day of the road)

We continue our Russia tour by Transsiberian train. We will leave Yekaterinburg and go to Novosibirsk on Trans Siberian railroad (21 hour) and we will come to Siberia.

 Plan for 1st day – We will come to the apartment, leave the stuff, take a shower and go to one of the biggest Zoos in Russia to see liger and argali by our own eyes. If we will have time after that we will walk around the city and see sightseeing. In the evening we will go to the Opera and Ballet Theater, one of the biggest theaters in the world. It is called Russian Coliseum. We will see a performance (most likely it will be a ballet then the plot will be clear for everybody, even if you don’t know Russian). Then we will come back to the apartment, change clothes and at night time we will go by Transsibirian train to Ulan-Ude.

новосибирский театр оперыновосибирский зоопарк

Tour to Novosibirsk includes: Transsiberian train ticket Yekaterinburg – Novosibirsk (economy-class train), the apartment in Novosibirsk (1 day), the theater ticket, the ticket to the Zoo, transport in the city.

Ulan-Ude – 4 days

We continue our Trans Siberian Russia tour by Transsiberian train. We will come from Novosibirsk to Ulan-Ude in the morning (8 hours by train).

Plan for 1st day – We will go to the camp «Steppe nomad» and live in a real yurt (yurts are for 4-6 people, so if there is free place in the yurt, an administration of camp can give these free space for other travelers, it is a rule of camp). In this place we can know the traditions of steppe Buryats, taste huge buryar pelmeni «pozzi» or «buzzi» and have a steam bath in real Russian banya with birch broom.

лагерь степной кочевникбуззы 2

традиции бурятбаня

 Plan for 2nd day – We will go back to Ulan-Ude, leave our backpacks in a luggage storage and go to see a Russian sightseeing, a head of Lenin the size of a five-floors building. After that we will have lunch and in the day time we will leave the city and go to the village Ust-Barguzin to get to Baikal Park. I hope I can find a local person in Ust-Barguzin who knows this park very well, so we could stay in his place in real Russian village house and take this person as a private guide to our tour to the park with private excursion. Or we can rent an accommodation and take a group excursion in one of the parts of the park. To see all the park is not possible because it is located on 267,2 thousand hectares, but every part of this park is incredible. It will be the Great Russian tour!


Plan for 3rd day – We will travel in the wild nature of Baikal park in Russia.

забайкальский парк 1забайкальский парк 2забайкальский парк 3забайкальский парк 4

Plan for 4th day – We will come back to Ulan-Ude, leave the luggage in a luggage storage, go to see Buddhist temple Dazhan and know your future to Lama-astrologer. If we are lucky we can see immortal Lama. Then we will come back to the city, take the luggage, leave the city by Transiberian train and go to the last stop of our Russia travel – Vladivostok city.

до-цанлама астролог

Tour to Ula-Ude includes: Transsiberian ticket Novosibirsk – Ulan-Ude (economy-class carriage), accommodation (1 day) in the yurt in the camp «Steppe nomad», apartment (2 days) in Ust-Barguzin, visit Russian banya, visit Dazhan (excluding excursion inside of the temple) + consultation of the astrologer, the luggage storages, transport in the city and beyond, excursion to Zabaikalskiy park in Russia, visit to Baikal lake (the most big lake in the world) and Siberian-Baikal nature.

Vladivostok 2 days (+ 2 days of the road)

We continue our Russia travel on Trans Siberian railroad and come to Vladivostok. We should be proud of ourselves that we could go by Transsiberian train without stop 2,5 days.

Plan for 1st day – We will go to see the Russian «San Francisco», swim in the Japanese Sea if there is good weather. After that we will go to a restaurant to taste Far East cuisine. Probable, you will want to buy Far East caviar to bring it to your friends or family from your Russia tour on Trans Siberian railroad.

владивостокдальневосточная кухня, east far cuisine

Plan for 2nd day – we will take the lesson of SUP-surfing, and then we will make «goodbye» party because our Russia travel finishes in Vladivostok, the next morning you will fly home. I will not fly with you to Moscow I will stay in Vladivostok and will continue my Russia travel by Transsiberian train.

сап-серфингпрощальная вечеринка

Tour to Vladivostok include: waking tour around Vladivostok city to see sightseeing, the lesson of SUP-surfing, Transsiberian ticket Ulan-Ude – Vladivostok (compartment carriage), the apartment (2 days), and transport in the city. Food is not included.

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