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2nd route. 9288 kilometers travel by Trans Siberian train across Russia

транссибирская магистраль, transsiberian train

We will have 9288,2 km travel across Russia by train for 21 days. The start point of our tour is Vladivostok; the finish point of our tour is Moscow. We will cross all Russia! We will visit Far East and Vladivostok city on the coast of Japanese sea, Amur region with wild Russian nature, taiga and Blagoveshchensk city, Irkutsk city, the biggest lake in the world Baikal and amazing Russian wild nature of the west part of Baikal, the capital of Siberia – Novosibirsk city, the ancient city of the gold ring of Russia – Kazan and the capital of Russia – Moscow city.


Vladivostok – Blagoveshchensk and Amur region – Irkutsk, Baikal – Novosibirsk – Kazan – Moscow

Vladivostok – 3 days

You have to fly to Vladivostok in the afternoon of the day of the start of our Russia travel to have time for rest. We will stay in Vladivostok apartment. I plan such accommodation in all points of our tour on Trans Siberian railroad by transsiberian train. I will find a comfortable flat that everybody feels good, don’t worry. It is also possible to stay in hotel but it will be a bit more expensive.

Plan for 1st day – At night time we will go squid fishing in Japanese sea (sometimes there is a problem to find a boat which will take outsiders for fishing). If we cannot find boat we will change fishing to kite surfing lesson on the next day, also in Japanese sea.


Plan for 2nd day – We will go to a park safari and see tigers and other predators without the lattices. Or if we can’t make fishing yesterday we will go to learn kite surfing. After that we go to Vladivostok restaurant to have a Far East cuisine dinner.

парк-сафари, владивостокдальневосточная кухня, east far cuisine

Plan for 3rd day – We will walk around the Russian San-Francisco and see the attractions of this beautiful city in Russia; if the weather is good you can swim in Japanese sea. Then we will go to funicular and take pictures from the height. We should leave the city and continue our Russia travel by transsiberian train at the afternoon.

владивостокфуникулер владивосток

Tour to Vladivostok includes: transport in the city (including transport from the airport), apartment (3 days), rent of the boat for squid fishing or kite surfing lesson, walk to see sightseeing, ride by the funicular, visit park safari. Food is not included.

Blagoveshchensk – 3 days (+2 days of the road)

We began our Russia trip on Trans Siberian railroad and came by Transsiberian train from Vladivostok to Belogorsk (24 hours). We will come from Belogorsk to Blagoveshchensk by autobus and go to an apartment.

Plan for 1st day – we will fly by trike under the huge Amur river. It is a great chance in our Russian travel to see beautiful Russian nature. If we have time after that we will walk around the city and see attractions.

дельталет 2амур

Plan for 2nd day – We will take water, sandwiches and hike to real taiga to see the drunken forest. This is one of the most interesting parts of our Russia trip.

пьяный лес 2тайга

Plan for 3rd day – We will visit local fair and will try pine nuts, honey, goat cheese and other gifts of Amur nature. After that we will cross the river and get to the Chinese city Heihe where we can see Chinese culture and try Chinese food (attention! The citizens some countries need Chinese visa).

хэйхэрусская ярмарка

Tour to Blagoveshchensk incudes: transsiberian train ticket Vladivostok – Belogorsk (econom-class carrige), autobus Belogorsk – Blagoveshchensk both sides, transport in the city, excursion to taiga, drunken forest, fly on trike under the Amur river, trip to Heihe city, visit Russian fair, apartment (4 days).

Irkutsk and Baikal – 3 days (+3 days of the road)

We continue our Russia travel and come to Irkutsk by transsiberian train on Trans Siberian railroad.

Plan for 1st day – We will go to see rocks. It will take the whole day. We can go there without guide, there is pointers everywhere, let’s try to do this ourselves in our Russian travel. I will try to ask some local person to accompany us.

скальник витязьскальник идол

Plan for 2nd day – We will go to Huzchir village, stay in a rooms in a real village house or in a small hotel. We will try Buryat buzzi, will have a steam bath in Russian banya with birch broom and drink beer with smoked Omul.

поселок хужир иркутскбанябуззы 2копченый омуль

Plan for 3rd day – We go to Olhon Island and Habon cape, enjoy the wild nature of Russia, and visit the biggest lake in the world – Baikal. Here we need a guide. Probably I can reach an agreement with some local to show this place for us then we can have a private guide if not we will take a group tour. We will come back to Irkutsk in the 4th day; we will leave our backpacks in luggage storage and walk around the city to see the sightseeing till our evening transsiberian train.

ольхон 2остров ольхонольхон 3мыс хабон

Tour to Irkutsk includes: the transsiberian train ticket Belogorsk – Irkutsk (economy-class carriage), transport in the city and outside the city, accommodation in the village Habon (2 days), apartment in Irkutsk (2 days), Russian banya, the  excursion to Olhon Island and Habon cape, visit Baikal, hike to rocks.

Novosibirsk, Siberia 1 day (+1 day of the road)

We continue our Russia travel on Trans Siberian railway and come from Irkutsk to Novosibirsk by transsiberian train very early, go to apartment, take a shower and go to walk to the cleverest street in the world (Novosibirsk academic town) and we will see the Obskoe Sea. After that we will go to take a ride by a children railway. This railway is real railway but interesting things is that only high school students control the trains. Then we will go to the museum of history of West-Siberian railway. In next morning we will continue our Russia travel and go to Kazan.

академ городок новосибирскдетская жел дорогамузей истории зап-сибновосибирск

Tour to Novosibirsk includes: the transsiberian train ticket Irkutsk –Novosibirsk (economy-class carriage), apartment (1 day), the ticket for museum of West-Siberian railway, the ticket to the children railway, visit Novosibirsk academic town (without excursion inside the buildings), transport.

Kazan – 2 days (+1 day of the road)

We continue our Russia trip on Trans Siberian railroad and come to Kazan from Novosibirsk.

Plan for 1st day – We will go to see the main attractions of this city: Kazan Kremlin, Kul-Sharif mosque, Bogoyavlenskaya bell tower, temple of all religions, palace of farmers. Make a wish touching the Suumbik tower. We will have Tatar food for dinner. We will visit a lot of ancient buildings in this city of Russia.

храм всех религийтатарские блюда

Plan for 2nd day – We will go by motor ship to the Island-monastery – Sviyazchsk. There we will see the monastery, ancient churches.  Sviyazchsk is a fortress where Kazan was taken. This is really a historical place. We should to visit it in our Russia travel.


Tour to Kazan includes: the transsiberian train ticket Novosibirsk – Kazan (economy-class carriage), apartment (2 days), transport, visit the Island-monastery – Sviyazchsk, walk tour to see the churches and sightseeing of Kazan. Food is not included.

Moscow 2 days

We continue our Russia tour and come from Kazan to Moscow

Plan for 1st day – We will accommodate in an apartment. After that we will go to have lunch in Russian restaurant with great Russian cuisine. After that we will walk in Old Arbat, we will see the main attractions of Moscow: Red square (Kremlin), GUM (by the way, there is a very delicious ice cream in GUM), Aleksandrovskiy garden. Then we can have a cherry beer in a good place close. We will have Russian pies for dinner and will finish our day walking in park «Zharizhino».

кремль, kremlМГУцарицынопироги штоль

Plan for 2nd day – We will go to the Christ Savior Cathedral (in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Russia). After we will go to Russian restaurant have Russian food for lunch, here you can eat and have a shot of vodka that will give us more energy to continue our tour. Then we will go to the Tretyakov Gallery. In the end of the evening we will go to the pier where the best Moscow motor ship «Radisson» will wait for us. There we will make a «goodbye» party because here we will finish our Russia travel.

храм христа спасителятретьяковская галереявареникирэдисон, redison

Tour to Moscow includes: the apartment (2 days), the transsiberian train ticket Kazan – Moscow (economy-class carriage), the ticket to motor ship «Radisson» (1st class), transport in the city, sightseeing of Moscow. Food and transfer to the airport are not included.

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