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13 mind-blowing facts about Russia for foreigners

 Article about strangeness of Russian people

русские приколы, russian jokes 2

Probably more than once when you were travelling in different countries you found something that you can hardly understand. “Oh, my Gosh!  Why do they do that?” – you thought. And every country has differences. Everybody is individual. But today I will tell some strange things about Russian people. And you will check it when you visit Russia.

Strangeness 1 –  Almost in all the world you have the opportunity to communicate in basic English, but this trick doesn’t work in Russia. If you come for Russian holidays you would find that not many people in big Russian cities speak English, and nobody speaks English in small Russian cities.

Strangeness 2 – Russian girls like to dress up nicely, even when they are just going to the shop. I can make a better example – they dress up even when they go to take out the garbage.

Strangeness 3 –  The 19 of Jan at night is the Epiphany celebration in Russia. In this day, in the coldest time of the winter and severe frost, Russian people bath in an ice-hole. They believe that if you plunge in an ice-hole you will wash away the sins and purchase health. If you visit Russia this day you can try it also.

купание в проруби, ice swimming

Strangeness 4 –Russian people’s favorite snack when they drink vodka is pickles.  In the morning they drink the pickle juice, where the pickles were kept.  Every Russian says that this drink helps to remove hangovers. It is old Russian recipe.

Strangeness 5 – Another fact about Russia is that Russian people don’t throw out anything never. Nothing! Never! Even packages. Russian grandmothers store in their flats really absurd things. For example, I found the upper part of a railing on a granny’s balcony. How did it get there? The story doesn’t tell, but it is a pity to throw it out. And it suddenly came in handy.

Strangeness 6 – On a date Russian man pays for everything. Yes, yes… For everything!!

Strangeness 7 – Moscow metro is very likely the most beautiful and fastest metro in the world. The trains in rush hours pass every 1 or 2 minutes. And passengers get very unhappy if there is no train already… 2 minutes!! Anddespite of this the majority of Moscow people prefer to stand in long hours in traffic jams in their own cars and never go by best Moscow metro.

московское метро, moscow metro

Strangeness 8 – Russia populations never pay if they have any chance to take something for free. They won’t buy a movie or computer program if they can watch it online or download it for free. And the main thing is this they can find them. Apparently there is a traditional Russian love for freebies!

Strangeness 9 – Russian people love celebrations very much. New year Russian holidays officially begins on January 1st and finish on January 10. Most Russia populations don’t work these days but they earn the whole salary for a month. The New Year feast usually lasts 2-3 days .It depends on how much strength and health you have for eating and drinking. After that Russians sleep and have a rest from alcohol-gluttony marathon, and with a new strength they proceed to the celebration of Christmas. The Christmas in Russia, by the way, is celebrated on the 7 of January, not on the 25 of December, as many countries.

русское застолье

Strangeness 10 – Russians hang carpets on the wall and always take off their shoes to enter home.

ковры на стенах россия, carpet on the wall Russia

Strangeness 11 – Russian girls love too much shoes with high heels. They use it even if they know before that today they must walk more than 1 km. It’s a voluntary marathon on heels!

русские девушки на каблуках, Russian girls on heels

Strangeness 12 – Russian people love the banya very much. The banya is like a sauna in other countries. It is a very hot place where the temperature reaches 100 Cº (212 Fº). You will be whipped by a broom there. It is such a strange Russian banya tradition, but it is very good for your health. In winter the banya is especially good, because after hot temperature you can run out and fall in the snow!! You should take the flight to Moscow or another Russian city and decently try it.

баня, banya

And finally strangeness 13  –  Russian people are very hospitable and like to invite you to their place. If they invite you they will give you a tea with cookies and food for sure.

You can check all of it when you visit Russia.

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