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13 Interesting – shocking fact about Mexico

Article about strangeness of Mexican people

мексиканские странности, mexican stranges

Mexico culture is a full of surprises and very different from other countries. Here you exactly will find something interesting for you, and you will keep a lot of photos in the archive of your memory.  After Mexico travel you will have a lot of things to tell and show your friends and you will have, for sure, a lot of Mexico crazy pictures for your facebook page. Well, in this article I will tell about some of the strangest Mexican traditions and you will check it in your Mexican travel. Ok? So, let’s begin…

Strangeness 1 – Mexican food includes grasshoppers, larvae and even worms. Worms can be a snack for mezcal. Mezcal for Mexicans is like vodka for Russians.

mescalжареные кузнечики, fried grasshoppers

Strangeness 2 – You can find spicy in any Mexican food. Mexicans like it too much! Don’t be surprise in your trip to Mexico when they offer you to sprinkle the fruits with chili pepper or you will buy chili ice-cream. Although if you don’t like spicy, you can tell them “sin chile”, and they will do without it for you.

Strangeness 3 – Mariachi is a very popular profession in Mexico. In simple terms, it is singers and musicians, performing traditional songs. When you will go to Mexico you shouldn’t complain if you suddenly are woken up in the middle of the night by this ensemble. Instead, you should lie down and enjoy because you can listen to them for free.

Mariachi band walking in street

Strangeness 4 – Mexican traditional drink is not just the well-known tequila. Another famous strong Mexican alcohol drink is called mezcal. I don’t know how much type of vodka you know but there is more than 100 type of mezcal. Mexico has a special place called “mezcalería” where you can try such exotic type of this drinks as mezcal with worm or mezcal with fried chicken.

Strangeness 5 – Another fact about Mexico is that there are more than 80 types of chili pepper in Mexico country. That’s why I’m not surprised they use it everywhere in Mexican food.

Strangeness 6 – There are many iguanas in Mexico natural. Iguana is a lizard. Some of them are 1.5 meters long  and weight 7 kg.  Some Mexicans keep iguanas as a pet in their yard and feed them.

игуана мексики, mexican iguana

Strangeness 7 – In Mexico vacation you can visit a witchery market in Mexico DF. It is called “Sonora market”. Here you can find mysterious things which can help for everything: like disease, weight loss, nervous, stress, luck etc… And the most despaired people can find potion to bewitch their husband or wife. I bought a bat there.

сонора маркет мексика, sonora market mexica

Strangeness 8 – To have fun in Mexico travel you can rent a bicycle in Mexico City for free. As a plus, there is a lot of bicycle parking in the city and also in the metro.

Strangeness 9 – Another very famous profession in Mexico is a shoe cleaner. Just as in old movies, one man sits with a newspaper and the other cleans his shoes. Mexicans think that you can´t have money but your shoes always must shine!

чистильщик обуви в мексике, cleaner shoes Mexica - 2

Strangeness 10 – One of the famous Mexican food is fried crispy pork skin (chicharron). It is a delicacy here. Population of Mexico loves it very much! You should try it when you will visit Mexico and decide if you like it or not.

Strangeness 11 – In November 1st and 2nd, Mexican holiday, people celebrates the day of the dead. I should note that these Mexicans easily relate to the concept of death and they are not afraid of a character with a scythe. There are a lot of entertainment activities in the city. And also in this day people remember about the relatives and friends who already left in another world.

мексиканцы, mexican

Strangeness 12 – Mexicans celebrate the 15th birthday of girls, not 18 or 21 years old as in other countries. In this day the parents of the girl try to make for their princess a huge celebration. It seemed to me like people celebrate wedding with relevant attributes: limousine, musicians, a hundred guests, speech of actors and leading.

Strangeness 13 – You can meet real shamans in Mexico. They live usually in high mountains. Some shamans have healing powers and still keep knowledge of ancient Indian traditions.

шаман мексика, shaman mexica -2

And finally I would like to say that Mexicans are very simple, easy going, good-natured and positive people. They love life and take it easy. They don’t need to have a lot of money or brand things to be happy. You can learn from them how to live in a real moment and enjoy it now.

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