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Take a steam bath in Russian banya. Be whipped by bath broom according to Russian tradition

баня, banya

Probably one of the best and unusual impressions on your Russian holidays can be your visit to Russian traditional banya. Banya is a Russian steam bath. Many people say that after visiting the banya, they feel like they just were born. The body becomes very easy, the negatives thoughts go away, and you feel just clean, calm and relax. I can`t compare Russian banya with the saunas of other countries, it is really individual. Russian banya traditions deserve especial attention. Visit banya on your Russian holidays, you will love it and you will keep these emotions for long time.

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10 things to do in banya on your Russian holidays:

  1. Try the procedure of steam bath by bath broom.
  2. When you get enough hot, run away and pour cold water on your body or fall in the snow.
  3. Use Russian traditional things for clean of the body (honey, salt…).
  4. Take aromatic bath things and breathе wonderful aroma (fir-tree needles, smells of herbs…).
  5. If you get a cold in your Russia travel, banya will help you to cure the cold. Perfect if you can add in banya room steam of herbs.
  6. Take Russian food and drinks or order in banya, you can eat and drink during breaks between your times in the steam bath.
  7. Take different bath things (aroma gels, scrubs, mask for face and hair…) and make day of clean, relax and health for your body in your Russian travel.
  8. In some banyas you can have a massage service. It is great to do it on hot body.
  9. If the banya has swimming pool you can swim every time after the steam bath.
  10. Take a beer or a shot of vodka after banya.

Some information for your visit to Russia banya:

What you should take in Russian banya:

At least 2 towels (first for drying your body, second for sitting in the steam room); rubber slippers; special hat; shampoo, gel and other; sponge for body; swimming suit or swimming trunks; water; medical herbs, special banya liquor for aroma, things for the skin (if you want).

Attention! As Russian banya has very hot temperature, it can be not good to visit it for people with some diseases. Main diseases when it is bad to go to banya: heart attack, hypertension, acute diseases of the cardiovascular system, acute thrombophlebitis, general atherosclerosis, ischemic pathology feet, bleeding tendency, some disease of the heart.

Price for Russian holiday in banya:

Option 1 – price US$ 35

In this option:

  • I will find the banya for you and I will book it for the day and time you like (it is important to book banya before);
  • I will help you to find the banya (I can meet you in your Russian hotel and we will go together to the banya by Moscow metro or by taxi);
  • When we will come to the banya I will make all organization questions for you (buy tickets, order additional services if you want: steam bath man, massage, food, drink and other);
  • I will tell you where to go and what to do when you are there;
  • I will help you order the taxi for your way back.

In this option I won`t participate in the banya process. Price for the taxi and banya tickets is not included in this cost.

Option 2 – In this option I will participate in the full cycle of your banya process from the beginning till the end. I will tell you the best way to take the steam bath, some banya nuances. I will help you if you will need something during the banya time. The price will depend from the type of Russian banya you will want to visit (privet banya room or public, home banya or city banya).

For example, if you take private Russian banya room for 4 people in good Russian city banya (with hall, bathroom with shower, small swimming pool, Russian steam room and room for the rest) for 2 hours, the price in May 2016 is around US$ 200 (include the price for the rent private banya room for 4 people and payment for the service of Oddoo Travel). We should book banya before.

Some price for additional services: service of the steam person (15 mins) in May 2016 – US$ 25, service of the wash person (20 min) – around US$ 20.

Contact me and I will do the best what I can, so you have a great time in the banya on your Russian holidays.

Contact information:
what`s app: +(7) 9671905482
skype: polinas888

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